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25 May 2005

 Laws Against Genocide
Law alone cannot prevent genocide,
but law must guide our efforts to stop it

Dominican RepublicKenya 99 State Parties to the ICC: On May 12, 2005 the Dominican Republic and on March 15, 2005 Kenya both ratified the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Established on July 1, 2002, the ICC is currently investigating crimes committed after that date in Eastern DR Congo (Kinshasa), Northern Uganda (both States which are Parties to the Statute) as well as Darfur, Sudan (a nonparty State) by means of a March 31, 2005 UN Security Council Referral (Resolution 1593).

 >The Rome Statute in 23 languages
>Index to the Rome Statute
> See: www.icc-cpi.int or www.iccnow.org

December 9, 2004 was the 56th anniversary of the approval of the Genocide Convention by the United Nations General Assembly. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was approved the following day. Below are links for additional information on the Genocide Convention.

Treaty Text: Overview of the 19 Articles
Authentic texts and Translations in 35 Languages
Legal definition: A detailed discussion of the crime. See also the Elements of the crime of genocide.
The First 50 Years, 1948-1998
A Report by Professor William Schabas

Ratification Status: 136 Nations are State parties; over 50 Nations are NOT, including Indonesia, Japan and Nigeria.
Reservations: Reservations to the Genocide Convention
Two Drafts:
Drafts of the Treaty from April 1947 and May 1948, including passages later omitted.

Comoros and Sudan are the newest parties to the Genocide Convention.ComorosOn September 27, 2004 Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Mr. Souef Mohamed El Amine of the Republic of the Union of Comoros deposited instruments of accession to the Genocide Convention with the United Nations.
SudanOn October 13, 2003 Sudan deposited instruments of accession to the Genocide Convention with the United Nations. The Convention entered into force for Sudan on 11 January 2004 in accordance with its article XIII. Reference: C.N.1204.2003.TREATIES-1 (Depositary Notification) [MSWord '.doc' file] List of parties to the Genocide Convention (UN status report (alternate
) List of 50 nations NOT party to the Convention.

Comoros Minister of Foreign Affairs at the United Nations
Foreign Minister Souef Mohamed El Amine of Comoros at the United Nations.

Genocide in the domestic criminal law of 80 nations

The Cambodian Government's Khmer Rouge Trial Task Force
Statute of the Iraqi Special Tribunal, issued December 10th, 2003

Elements of the Crime of Genocide Agreed upon by the ICC Preparatory Commission at its fifth session, New York, 12-30 June 2000


Decision of the Spanish Supreme Court concerning the Guatemala Genocide Case. Feb. 25, 2003 .  (English) or Spanish  full text 58 pages, PDF file Tribunal Supremo

Laws Against Genocide and Holocaust Denial in 7 nations: Institute for Jewish Policy Research (UK) Summary of features- See Appendix B: Austria, Law no. 148, 1992; Belgium la loi anti-négationiste, 1995; France la loi Gayssot, 1990; Germany, Article 194, 1985 and Article 130, 1994; Israel, Prohibition Law no. 118, 1986; Spain, Section 607, 1996; Switzerland, Article 261 bis 1996


International Law Dictionary By Prof. Ray August, Washington State University

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