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Sverige Lagboken (Sweden) § 169 folkmord
Language: Swedish


Lag (1964:169) om straff för folkmord

     1 § Förövar någon gärning, för vilken enligt lag är stadgat fängelse i fyra år eller däröver, mot en nationell, etnisk, rasmässigt bestämd eller religiös folkgrupp med avsikt att förgöra gruppen helt eller delvis, dömes för folkmord till fängelse på viss tid, lägst fyra och högst tio år, eller på livstid.

Sweden Law or Regulations: The Swedish Penal Code

Act relating to the punishment of genocide

Sect. 2 2 Attempt, preparations or conspiracy to genocide, and also for failure to reveal such a crime shall be sentenced under the rules of chapter 23 of the Criminal Code.

Sweden Law or Regulations: The Swedish Penal Code Chapter 2: On the Applicability of Swedish Law

Chapter 2 - Sect. 3
Chapter 2, 3 Even in cases other than those listed in Section 2, crimes committed outside the Realm shall be adjudged according to Swedish law and by a Swedish court:

1. if the crime was committed on board a Swedish vessel or aircraft or was committed in the course of duty by the officer in charge or a member of its crew,

2. if the crime was committed by a member of the armed forces in an area in which a detachment of the armed forces was present, or if it was committed by some other person in such an area and the detachment was present for a purpose other than an exercise,

3. if the crime was committed in the course of duty outside the Realm by a person employed in a foreign contingent of the Swedish armed forces,

4. if the crime committed was a crime against the Swedish nation, a Swedish municipal authority or other assembly, or against a Swedish public institution,

5. if the crime was committed in an area not belonging to any state and was directed against a Swedish citizen, a Swedish association or private institution, or against an alien domiciled in Sweden,

6. if the crime is hijacking, maritime or aircraft sabotage, airport sabotage, an attempt to commit such crimes, a crime against international law, unlawful dealings with chemical weapons, unlawful dealings with mines or false or careless statement before an international court, or

7. if the least severe punishment prescribed for the crime in Swedish law is imprisonment for four years or more. (Law 1998:1703)

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